how to attend

We understand that registering for Camp Nerdly can be overwhelming: there are so many things to do, pack, and prepare for! Luckily for you, some of our veterans have created this checklist of things to take care of:



Fill out the registration form. It’s a bit lengthier than prior years, but it will cut back on the amount of paperwork you’ll have to fill out on-site – which means more time for FUN!


plan your travel

Click here for door-to-parking lot directions straight to camp. If you registered for a ride share, our Ride Share Coordinator will follow up with you directly. If you need help arranging travel, either logistically or financially, please contact us.


select a chore

Each camper will have a chore to do – it’s part of the Nerdly Code! The list of chores and chore sign-up can be found here.


choose your lodging

Make sure you have a bed! Which cabin will you be sleeping in, and who will you be sharing it with? (If you are a parent, please choose a bed for yourself, as well as for each child.) Cabin sign-up can be found here.


check out the menu

Have a dietary restriction, allergy, or other concern that is not already addressed on our meals page? Let us know!


order your t-shirt

Each year, one of our campers comes up with a new design. Every design is unique – no two designs look alike. And the more shirts we order, the cheaper they get! Order one here.


prepare an activity

Since Camp Nerdly is a gathering of friends – and not a traditional gaming convention – we ask that each attendee prepare some kind of activity to share with others. Your activity can be a board game, an RPG, an art project, a physical activity, a read-aloud… or anything else you can think of that you think other campers might enjoy!


what to bring

Not sure what kinds of items you’ll need at camp? We’ve prepared this checklist  of useful items so that you can be fully prepared on arrival.


nerdly traditions

Over the last 13+ years, several Camp Nerdly traditions have been born. Check them out for yourself!


Questions? Comments? compliments? get in touch!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything we have not covered here.