your home for the weekend

Lodging is included in your Camp Nerdly registration. You will be provided with a cot in a rustic cabin without heating, though they do have electricity. Most of them are 4-person cabins with a few 2-person or 6-person cabins. The windows have screens and slat covers that will keep out rain, but they are very exposed to the outside temperature, and will get somewhat damp if there is heavy precipitation. The beds are bare mattresses with no bedding, so bring a sleeping bag or other bedding for crazy Virginia temperatures.



you’ll get a bed in a cabin like this:



Camp 2, called Mawavi, contains 4 units/sleep areas. Each cabin cluster contains:

  • Six 4-bed cabins
  • One 6-bed cabin
  • One 2-bed cabin
  • One restroom (don’t sleep here)
  • One craft lodge (also don’t sleep here)

There are no Cabin 9s in any of the units. There are cabins 1-8 and cabins 10-12 in each cabin cluster, but there are NO CABIN 9s. ANYWHERE. Please do not plan on sleeping in a Cabin 9. You will cause confusion and chaos and things will explode and THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.


You will choose a cabin as part of your registration. However, if you need to edit or change your chore after registering, you can access that link here .