parents and children

Children (commonly referred to as Sprouts and Hatchlings) are welcomed and encouraged to attend Camp Nerdly! However, there are a couple of basic ground rules:

  1. Your children are your responsibility. Please make sure that they are supervised at all times.
  2. Children must be kept away from the adult-only play space (The Abbey).
  3. When choosing your lodging, parents and families are encouraged to choose C Unit.

kids track

In addition to games that are open to all ages, there are several games that are specifically geared towards children as part of the Kids Track. If you do bring a Sprout or Hatchling, we ask that you consider volunteering to run or assist with a Kids Track activity. This allows for other parents to participate in games and pitches, get their chores done, and generally just gives them a break. It also means that other parents will do the same for you!

Wanna help out with the kid’s track?

Let us know!