Camp Nerdly Community Guiding Principles and Guidelines


Camp Nerdly strives to create an inclusive, safe, fun, and engaging intentional community for all gamers. It is the goal of this community to encourage a safe, inclusive, and healthy space for all gamers. It is a space for discourse, conversation, support, and care for one another.



In accordance with our Code of Conduct, all members of our community shall function within the following principles:

  • Be a good citizen. Being a good citizen means being a positive, supportive, and kind person in the Nerdly community. Good citizens do their best to avoid hurting others, they are conscientious of the space they’re occupying, and they try to ensure they are being inclusive of everyone. Good citizens do not deliberately hurt each other, participate in offensive or derogatory behavior, or make offensive or harmful comments or jokes. All good citizens act within the framework of The Nerdly Code, our inclusivity guidelines and our anti-harassment policy.
  • Pitch in. Camp Nerdly is run by those who show up. If you see a problem, if someone has taken on a chore that’s too big, or if you just have a question, then lend a hand and help out.
  • Always assume best intentions. Assuming best intentions means believing that people are speaking and acting with their best intentions at heart. This means when someone says or does something, you try to see it in the best possible light.
  • Act with integrity and kindness. While it’s important to be heard and share our opinions, it’s just as important to keep our community a positive, safe space. Do your best to act with kindness, maintain your personal and community integrity, and to ensure that you’re helping create a safe and inclusive environment. By upholding our values with kindness, we can continue to be supportive of one another.
  • Maintain a safe(r) space. While we play games for fun, some content in games and some comments by gamers may be felt to be offensive or exclusionary. It’s important to try to forge an inclusive and safe space at our gaming tables. To do so, all our games use an X-Card or other safety tool during play to help encourage safe gaming. We also recommend that every game has a tone conversation. For more information on these tools, refer to the Camp Nerdly website or ask a member of the Owlbear Council for tools to create and maintain this kind of play.



All members of our community shall function within the following guidelines:

  • Respect player pronouns and character pronouns
  • Practice regular check-ins for enthusiastic consent of game content
  • Respect player autonomy