Q: What is a pitch session?

A: Before each gaming block, anyone who has a game or event they want to run will gather in the Main Hall to give us a brief explanation of the game. This usually includes the premise, whether it’s silly or serious, any age restrictions, the maximum amount of players, trigger warnings, and any other important information. Our Chief Owlbear will designate a Pitch Master to get everyone’s attention and let you all know that the pitch session is starting. Since not all people pitching have loud voices, it’s important that all campers quiet down to hear the pitch sessions. And hey — you might hear about an exciting game that you didn’t previously know about!

Sometimes people pitch games and don’t get players. That’s okay! It’s even expected. There are always more pitches than we need, and it’s an embarrassment of riches, as they say. Don’t feel bad if no one swings at your pitch. Try again later if you want, or just go play in the other games. Putting your game on the schedule will give people an opportunity to be excited for your activity before we get to camp.

Sometimes, folks come to Camp Nerdly with a game they want to run and have already filled the spots in advance. While we like games to be open for everyone, we understand that sometimes excitement takes over before everyone gets there. If your game is already full, please don’t pitch it. We don’t want anyone to feel left out of something they would have been interested in.


A: As always, Camp Nerdly will have a mix of scheduled activities (based on Applications we receive) and spur-of-the-moment stuff. If you definitely want to see something on the schedule, offer it up! Or reach out through the Discord forum, Facebook , or Twitter and find someone willing to bring and/or run it.

We will stitch together a schedule of activities in the middle of April (about a month before camp). That schedule will be available online, and also posted at the camp for anyone to browse.  But of course, there will be plenty of people bringing stuff, and ad-hoc activities as usual. That’s what pitch sessions are for!

Q: How do scheduled games and pitch sessions work together?

A: We’ll run through a reminder of the games and activities on the schedule first, and then “pitch” anything spur of the moment. The goal is to find something for everyone to do.

Q: Who is allowed to Pitch a game?

A: All campers will have the chance to propose an activity during pitch sessions. Feel free to connect with potential campers through  the Discord forums, the Facebook page , on Twitter , or any method you like in order to gauge interest or request something you want to see.