Each attendee at Camp Nerdly will be responsible for at least one chore throughout the weekend. This helps to foster a community environment where everyone pitches in and helps each other out. Plus, it keeps event costs low, keeps the campground safe and clean, and helps ensure that we are invited back to the campgrounds again next year!

The Golden (Campground) Rule:
In addition to your chore, each camper will be responsible for their own cabins. We strive to leave the campgrounds looking just the way they were when we arrived (or better!). Before you leave the campgrounds, please take note of the following:

  • All personal items and trash should be removed from the cabin.
  • The inside of your cabin should be swept and tidied, and all furniture put back where it belongs
  • The grounds between your cabin and the wall of the next cabin(s) should be clear of litter.
  • Assisting anyone and everyone with anything they ask for help with.
  • Fixing what’s broken rather than ignoring the problem or complaining about it.

If there is a chore that you think should exist but is not listed below, please let us know .

You will choose a chore as part of your registration. However, if you need to edit or change your chore after registering, you can access that link here .


  • Badge and Check-In Specialists: Check people in when they arrive: give them their badges, chore assignments, cabin assignments and directions, and answer any other questions that may arise.
  • Pitch Master: Make sure that pitch sessions happen and that people know when and where they will be happening
  • Game Keeper: Maintain daily schedule; make sure people know when/where games are happening


  • Shoppers: Shop for groceries and supplies that we will need for the entire weekend and bring them to camp. This chore will require a vehicle.
  • Ride Share Coordinator: Help folks make arrangements for getting to/from the campsite
  • Parking and Shuttle Coordinators: Direct people who are leaving their cars in the parking lot and determine if/when shuttles will be needed for the overflow parking lot
  • Parking and Shuttle Coordinators: Direct people who are leaving their cars in the parking lot and determine if/when shuttles will be needed for the overflow parking lot
  • Quartermaster: Identify and track all non-grocery camp supplies. Responsible for requesting items to borrow, keeping track of said items, and making sure they get returned to the correct people.


(cooking and prep)

  • Kitchen Generals: In charge of overseeing all kitchen and meal planning operations.
  • Kitchen Planners: Reports to Kitchen Generals. Responsible for planning one meal and overseeing its execution. You will need to be able to: create a menu for a single meal for ~100 people; list all of the necessary ingredients and quantities (as detailed as possible); identify how many cooks you will need helping you; and oversee the cooking of your meal.
  • Mess Hall Mastermind: Clean up the Mess Hall and get seating and tables ready for mealtime. This includes: getting people to remove any items that are not being used for eating, and making sure no one interrupts the kitchen staff.
  • Cooks: Assist a Kitchen Planner in cooking a meal.
  • Bag Lunch Setup & Cleanup: Setup and cleanup of supplies for bagged lunches (brown bags, assorted breads and lunch meats, etc) – must be set up during breakfast and cleaned up before first game session.



  • Kitchen Cleanup General: Make sure each item on your cleanup checklist has been completed before dismissing your Cleanup Team.
    Kitchen Cleanup:
    Kitchen cleaners and dish washers. Need to eat before everyone else and then take over dishwashing so that the Cooks can eat.
    Pantry Scavenger
    (Sunday AM only): Serve anything that is left from the pantry and the fridge, and help with the final cleaning of the kitchen.


  • Campground Caretaker: Responsible for one campground (or all common areas): Check up on supplies in your bathroom, and sweep it once a day. On Sunday, do a walkthrough of your cabin block and sign off the Chief Owlbear that all chores for your campground have been completed.
  • Bathroom and Shower Minders (Sunday only): sweep and mop your bathroom area; wipe off the counters.

kids’ track

  • Kid’s Track Coordinator: Create a schedule and seek volunteers to plan Kids Track events. Coordinate volunteers to offer games and crafting activities, and supervise children during regular Camp gaming sessions. Collect a list of supplies needed and pass the list on to the Chief Owlbear for purchasing.
  • Kid’s Track Shepherds: Plan and run a Kids Track event. Could be a craft, RPG, board game, tag – anything fun and safe for children!
  • Mentors: Accompany children to games and help them understand game rules, interact positively with other players, and foster creativity within the scope of the game.