No Vaccine, No Games

(adapted from Jackalope Live Action Studios)


Q: Is a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for Camp Nerdly?
A: YES, absolutely; no exceptions.

People are more important than games.

Vaccination has proven to be the most potent weapon in the fight to reclaim our lives with COVID-19. On every level, from fighting infection to reducing hospitalization, it is the only weapon in our arsenal that lets us do the things we love while also saving lives.

Camp Nerdly is a vaccination required event, and proof of vaccination will be required to attend. Vaccination status will be requested in advance and proof will be required at the door. (We may explore a way to allow people to submit proof in advance, but this is going to be limited by our lack of ability to securely handle personal medical data online.) You will not be checked in or allowed to attend any portion of the event if you do not show proof of vaccination. This decision is not up for discussion.

We are looking into further safety measures, including masking or conducting activities outdoors when feasible, if the current surge does not subside. This may include in-person event cancellation.

While we recognize there are some rare people who cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons and others who choose not to for a variety of other reasons, we cannot put those individuals or anyone else at-risk just to attend a festival. If you are not vaccinated and want to be part of Camp Nerdly, we encourage you to get vaccinated as soon as possible to meet our vaccination requirements.

Proof of vaccination must show you have received all necessary doses of one of the 4 major internationally accepted vaccines (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, J&J or Moderna) more than 14 days before the event. Acceptable proof includes:

  • A CDC vaccination card or equivalent from another national government, or photocopy/digital image of the same. Cards given to you by your provider at the time of vaccination are usually CDC issued. A clearly readable picture on your phone is sufficient.
  • A digital record of vaccination from an official source, including the Minnesota Department of Health, New York’s Excelsior Pass, Hawaii’s Safe Travels system, California’s Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record, and other state vaccine record systems.
  • A printed or digital record from a retail pharmacy showing vaccination was completed and when
  • A digital record of vaccination from Travel Pass or VeriFLY, the two airline-supported vaccine verification systems

The name on the proof of vaccination must match your registration and some other form of identification. All attendees are encouraged to self-select a badge name that will be used at the event; this does not need to match your ID, registration name, or the name you use to verify your vaccine status. This is to ensure everyone at Camp Nerdly can identify as they choose in our space and no one faces issues such as an ID containing a dead name being made public or a violation of privacy or safety. If you have any concerns about this, please say so in your registration and we will work with you to both protect your right to use the name of your choice and to ensure everyone at CN13 is fully vaccinated.

Q: Will attendees be masked at Camp Nerdly?

A: Yes, when indoors, but that could change.

Right now the local guidance in our area suggests masking for large inside gatherings regardless of vaccination status. Our venue partners also want this. Therefore in line with our policy of following the science and the guidance of credible sources and respecting our partners, we are planning to require masks. If the guidelines change, we may change. The bottom line is that masking is easy and the science says it helps. We can very easily take masks off if things change for the better. And of course, anyone who wants to wear a mask can do so regardless of guidelines or the requirements of the festival. No one will be judged for taking extra steps to protect their health and the health of others.

Q: Will I be required to take a Covid test to attend?

A: Not currently, but we do recommend taking one before you head down.

Our camp nurse will have some rapid tests available for people who develop symptoms.


We will be happy to give you a 100% refund if you cannot attend.