We are continuing and improving the tradition of the Camp Nerdly Scholarship! While Camp Nerdly has historically been relatively inexpensive ($65 for a weekend of food, gaming, and a place to sleep), we recognize that the cost is a barrier to some, and that the cost isn’t all inclusive: campers still have to bring bedding and dishes, and travel to the campsite. Since we don’t want money to be a barrier to having a great weekend, and since plenty of people have offered to help out, we’ve decided to try something new for this year: a “pay what you can” system. That means, if the registration fee was your only barrier… then hurray! We’ll see you in May! However, if you are concerned about other details of the weekend, keep reading.


    Q: What kind of assistance is available?

    A: Our plan is to help individual campers with:

    • Admission to camp
    • Assistance with light transportation costs (bus fares, Amtrak, etc.)
    • Bedding, mess kits, and/or similar camp supplies
    • Supplies for larger events and craft activities

    * Camp Nerdly is an entirely volunteer organization. Funds will not be used to pay any staff or to purchase or distribute any promotional material.

    Q: Who will be given assistance?

    A: Anyone filling out the registration form will have the option to ask for assistance. This information is entirely voluntary, and we will help as many people to attend Camp Nerdly as possible. Funds will be allocated to help the maximum number of people. While we will try to be as transparent as possible, we will also respect the privacy of anyone receiving Camp Nerdly funds.

    Q: I want to donate. How can I help?

    A: Camp Nerdly will accept Scholarship fund contributions.  Any contributions should be made through PayPal, and can be added to the total amount of your own registration. For example, if you want to donate $5, simply send us $70 total ($65 suggested admission + $5 extra).

Sounds great, right? Learn how to attend.